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Chicago Steak Company is a steak home delivery service that has been around since 1865. They specialize is delivering high quality all American beef products across the globe. People who purchase their meats are those looking for truly premium way above grocery store grade meats.

They claim to sell the best cuts of mid-western meats.

They use time tested methods to properly trim, raise, and age their meat which they then vacuum seal before delivering it to your door.

How their beef is made

Their cows come from carefully selected ranches throughout the Midwest. The cows are raised on a diet of both grass and high quality corn. This healthy diet allows them to ‘beef up’ and their setting allows them to roam freely. Thanks to the great setting they are raised in they produce wonderful meat with great marbling.

Chicago Steak Company Wagyu Beef
Chicago Steak Company Wagyu Beef

Contrast that with the grocery store meat. In the grocery store their profit margins are razor thin. Which means in order to compete (and survive) they must get their prices down to the lowest point possible.

Grocery store bound cows are subjected to horrid factory farm conditions where they are fed the leftovers from the manufacturing processes of other foods. A good example of this is canola oil. Once all the canola oil extracted from the seeds the left overs are sold as feed to factory farmers.

Don’t believe me? Watch this clip from the Discovery Channel “How it’s Made! Canola Oil” and go to 2:20


Their cows are fed this garbage (yes it’s literally garbage as otherwise it would be thrown away) which leads to a much lower quality meat.

Grocery store steak

In addition grocery store beef can come from places like China and Vietnam where they don’t have the same sanitation standards as American beef.

While still legal and safe for human consumption you and your family can do a lot better than this. Don’t you think?

Marbling Matters

Whenever you hear steak connoisseurs  talk about steak a phrase you’ll often hear is marbling but what exactly is marbling mean what why should you care?

Simply put marbling is the intramuscular adipose (fat) located inside of the muscle of the meat. This fat has special protein bonds not found in other forms of fat. Due to the unique structure of these proteins once cooked the fat begins to melt and coats the muscle fibers producing a rich buttery texture which enhances the bold, beefy flavor of the steak.


Marbling is part of what makes a T-bone a much more prized steak than say a cheaper round eye steak.

You should also be careful of artificial marbling, or steaks carrying labels like “fat injected” or “fat enhanced.” Artificial marbling[1] is what happens when unscrupulous meat sellers inject fat into low quality cuts.

chicago steak company steaks are never artificially marbled
Artificial marbling

The results can be very deceiving and often look even better than naturally marbled steaks. Thankfully, the USDA requires prominent labeling whenever this practice is used, making it easy for careful shoppers to avoid these dubious cuts. Watch out for labels containing words like ‘fat enhanced’ or ‘fat injected’.

Chicago Steak Company steaks are never doctored in this way.

USDA Choice vs USDA Prime

I must admit before I got into eating steaks I didn’t know the difference between these two labels but in reality there’s a big one.

The USDA grades beef carcasses for marbling, examining the ribeye muscle between the 12th and 13th ribs on each beef steer. Only those steaks with the very best marbling are eligible to receive USDA Prime certification, the highest rating available for steak quality.

Be careful of other steak companies and restaurants labeling their steaks as ‘prime’ to trick you into thinking you’re getting the same thing as ‘USDA Prime’.

You’re not.

USDA Prime is a legal standard that can only be bestowed by the United States Department of Agriculture.


Bottom line: If it doesn’t have the USDA PRIME shield it’s not top quality meat. Chicago Steak Company specialize in USDA PRIME steaks

Types of steaks Chicago Steak Company specializes in

The company sells pretty much all available cuts of American beef but they are particularly known for

  • Strip steaks
  • Filet mignon
  • Ribeyes and prime rib
  • Top sirloin
  • Flat iron
  • T-bone steaks
  • Porterhouse

If those are your favorite cuts then you’ll really love ordering from Chicago Steak Company.

What about shipping?

All Chicago Steak Company steaks are vacuum sealed and are packaged in dry ice to ensure freshness. They offer three shipping options to meet anyone’s needs.

From their website:


Your package will arrive in 5-7 business days or less from the day we receive your order. Please review the shipping and handling rate schedule below.



Your package will arrive in 2-3 business days from the day we receive your order. An additional $19.99 will be charged for this service. Orders placed after 4 p.m. on Tuesday will arrive the following Wednesday.



*Gift Certificates are sent free of charge via USPS


Order received by 4:00p.m. (Central Time) weekdays will ship the next day via Overnight and arrive by the following business afternoon. Overnight Delivery is available Monday through Thursday for delivery Tuesday through Friday. UPS does not offer comprehensive weekend delivery for this service.

How much does shipping cost?

Here is a their normal shipping charge schedule.

Shipping Charges*
Merchandise Total Add
Up to $69.99 $19.99
Up to $119.99 $23.99
Up to $179.99 $25.99
Over $179.99 $29.99
Express Delivery add  $19.99
Standard Overnight add  $39.99
Saturday Overnight add  $49.99
Alaska/Hawaii Delivery add  $59.99



Support American Beef!

The American beef industry employs 1.2 million Americans and pays over $200 billion American salaries each year. It also generates $2.4 billion in state sales tax revenue alone.

Show your patriotism through supporting our local farmers and ranchers!

My experience

When I ordered Chicago steaks I got the classic griller package as I figured it was the best way to sample their products.  I used a coupon to get free shipping.  With that package  I got that plus 4 free steak burgers and their seasoning as part of their new customer special at the time.

The box arrived in about 3-4 days if I remember correctly.  It was waaaayy too cold to grill outside so I used my indoor grill to grill up the steaks.

Not quite like the magazine pictures but a job well done if I do say-so myself! Hehe .

The steaks were tender and a premium quality definitely not found in a grocery store. Their special seasoning bottle that comes with the classic griller package was really good. It helped bring out the flavor of the meat. If you like pepper this is a good addition to any pantry.

The free burgers on the other hand were a different story.

When I made them they tasted pretty good, however, they weren’t the super premium quality I was expecting. While they weren’t bad I’d say they were maybe half a step up from a Carl’s Jr. steak burger.

Therefore their meat that you pay for is of really good quality, however, the freebies aren’t as high quality from my experience.

Pros and Cons


High quality

Good prices

Free shipping if you use a coupon

All American Beef



The ‘freebie meat’ is of lower quality

I found this coupon for 6 free steaks for you guys

Here you go

Ben Jilani Author

I am a husband, a father, a failed vegan and company reviewer at your service!



    (March 31, 2018 - 12:01 pm)

    I have a husband and three sons two of which play football. That means I need hardy meals every night and Chicago Steaks was just what I was looking for. The steaks came right on time and you get a fantastic deal from them. Will order again.


    (March 31, 2018 - 12:02 pm)

    Great steaks. great price


    (March 31, 2018 - 12:03 pm)

    Can’t say anything except for LOVE
    Can’t say anything except for LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Beyond delicious!


    (March 31, 2018 - 12:04 pm)

    Consistent quality & reliable service
    I have purchased ribs, steak, roasts, lobster tails and desserts and every order was a wonderful experience. The meat quality of the steaks and roasts were above what my local butcher shop provides. My guests raved about the roasts I’ve done using Chicago Steak Company products (they are expensive but worth the experience for special occasions). The ribs and desserts were not very unique to comment about, though, so I only ordered them once. Ribs and desserts were very good, but the quality was similar to my local stores and I can get them cheaper locally.

    My orders have arrived reliably on time and packed very well in dry ice. I received follow up calls from the company to confirm my orders were received and that the quality met my expectations (refreshing and rare to get that level of service).


    (March 31, 2018 - 12:05 pm)

    The steaks tasted good but they arrived 2 days later than they said they would. They offered me a 20% coupon but I’m still irritated…

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