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Credit Saint






Length of Time




Overall Satisfaction



  • A+ BBB Rating (not easy in this industry)
  • Fully Transparent About Costs
  • Effective
  • Time in Business


  • Price (not bad but there are cheaper options)

PO Box 110
Oakland, NJ 07436-0110

About Credit Saint

Credit Saint is a New Jersey based credit repair company founded in 2004. They specialize in credit repair services assisting customers with removing questionable derogatory items from their credit reports. In addition they provide other services and not just removing derogatory credit items.

Can they really repair my credit?

Yes. They can remove questionable derogatory items from your credit report but lets talk about what ‘questionable’ means. When they say ‘questionable’ as referring to the 90-day money back guarantee they mean legitimate negative items that should not be on your credit report.

Some examples would include items put on your credit report as a result of identity theft or a creditor failing to remove a paid off account or forgetting to mark a previously delinquent account as current.  Credit Saint–nor does any legitimate credit repair/credit restoration company–guarantee the removal of legitimate negative items on a persons credit report.

That being said there is a bit of a wink and a nod going on insofar as getting legitimate bad items removed. There are over 80,000 words in the Fair Credit Billing Act, which regulates original creditors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a law that covers collection agencies, and other laws & statutes that address medical problems, military service or deployments, change in student status and other events of life.

Therefore it is possible to get those derogatory items removed but its by no means guaranteed,

What do they charge?

They charge between $99-$199 for their initial fee which they call a ‘First Work Fee’ after that the monthly fee ranges between $59.99 for their ‘Polish’ service all the way to $195 for their ‘Clean Slate’ service.

Polish Remodel  Clean Slate
First Work Fee $60 $100 $195
Monthly Fee $50 $80 $200


Services Offered

Item Challenged Polish Remodel Clean Slate
Late Payments Yes Yes Yes
Identity Thefts Yes Yes Yes
Charge-offs Yes Yes Yes
Collections Yes Yes Yes
Enquires Yes Yes Yes
Bankruptcies Yes Yes
Judgements Yes
Cancel Anytime Yes Yes Yes
They describe their process in 3 steps

  1. They pull all three of your credit reports and comb through them to look for any blemishes and errors
  2. Their team files a dispute on your behalf. From there they are working with you to take other actions to help clean your credit
  3. The credit bureaus release new credit reports to show what changes have been made


Why is Credit Saint the best credit repair company?

The reason I like them over other companies is because they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau[3] and they have been around for more than a decade (13 years as of the time of this writing). That’s really important because many credit repair companies are churn and burn fly by night operations.

It’s important to choose a company with a solid reputation that has weathered many storms. While there may be cheaper options credit is an extremely important, if not essential, an asset to have in American society.

Therefore you should only entrust such an important report to an established company whether its CreditSaint or another company.

The final reason I recommend them over other companies is the fact that they have a solid 90-day money back guarantee if no questionable negative items have been removed from your credit.

As mentioned above most companies offer a guarantee nowadays. However, most of those ‘guarantees’ are for 30 to 60 days maximum and they are very carefully worded.

That means, in reality, it might be very difficult for a dissatisfied customer to recover their money despite the so-called ‘guarantee’.

In addition because of the aforementioned A+ rating with the BBB, it is safe to assume that the company actually honors its 90 money back guarantee as advertised.

Click here to read the 90-day guarantee disclosure

One sentence review: There are cheaper options but overall Credit Saint is the best choice

Other options

I also reviewed which came in as a close second and would be a great option as well. They advertise themselves as the cheapest credit repair in the nation.

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    King Tut

    (January 6, 2018 - 3:51 am)





    Length of Time




    Overall Satisfaction


    I love credit saint! I was trying to get a car but they kept wanting too much interest. I went to cs and they fixed my credit right up. My score increased 162 points in 4 months! At first I was skeptical but it was worth every single penny! One thing to watch out for is they wanna try to upsell you to that real expensive plan. For me the basic plan was just fine!


    (October 9, 2018 - 4:44 pm)

    They will charge your card each month and won’t do anything. You will end up spending many months with them with the bureaus not even receiving the challenges and you not getting your reports. No real results just empty promises and wasted time. Oh, and if you need credit counseling definitely don’t take their advice. You are better off googling the info for free which will actually serve you well not screw you. Dishonest people, inefficient and sloppy company that does not care to help you.

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