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Overall Satisfaction



  • High Independent Ratings
  • Can Negotiate a Favorable Settlement
  • Many Years of Experience
  • Long Held Relationships with Major Creditors


  • No Money Back Guarantee
  • Not Available In Every State

4000 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 555-S
Hollywood, FL 33021

How my auntie got out of 75k in tax debt

We all have that uncle in our family right? The serial entrepreneur that thinks they know everything and its just one step away from striking it rich. For me that uncle was my Auntie Cathy. She’s honestly an intelligent woman she just doesn’t stick to things. She’s currently on husband # 3…

It’s no surprise then that she didn’t keep up on her taxes. Whenever she got a job she’d always file exempt on her w-4. She would always say she had a plan where’d she’d have the money to pay the back tax ‘and then some!’

She ended up with 150,000 in tax debt and as you probably know it’s pretty much impossible to file bankruptcy on Uncle Sam.  What’s worse is all the consumer protection laws that apply to most private collectors go out of the window when it comes to the government.

My uncle (at the time) advised her to call curadebt. They got the IRS to accept $10,000 out of $150,000 since it was clear she couldn’t repay that debt.

What is Curadebt?

Curadebt is a debt relief company that was established in 2000 and based out of Hollywood Florida. It was started by a team that had been helping people out in California since 1996. This is my honest curadebt review.

They offer debt settlement and tax debt relief services.  I considered them when I was being rained on by a financial storm in 2008. Personally I chose National Debt Relief as I felt it was the best option for me because CuraDebt didn’t have a license to operate in my state (Texas) at that time.

That being said Curadebt would be an excellent choice and they charge about the same anyway.

Their tax team has over 100 years combined experience working on tax issues and over 83 years working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state tax agencies.

Curadebt is a member in good standing with the American Fair Credit Counsel . In order to be a member of AFCC, a company has to follow a stringent set of requirements, disclosures as well as maintain them through continual review.

How much does CuraDebt charge?

Upfront Payment Lump Sum Monthly Fee
No 16%-20% of  what you save No
Curadebt charges approximately 20% of the debt forgiven. They charge no upfront fees. This pricing structure works to your benefit since they have an incentive to get more of your debt forgiven,

Does Curadebt have requirements for their services?

Must be an American citizen or permanent resident

Must have at least $10,000 in total unsecured debt

side note: Many other sites will say $7,500 but that’s because they haven’t actually called them to find out. They won’t talk to you on the phone unless you have a minimum of $10,000 in unsecured debt

Can afford to make a minimum $250 per month payment to the special savings account but remember that’s in lieu of payments currently being made to creditors.

That’s it!


Debts serviced by Curadebt

Curadebt primarily (but not entirely) focuses on unsecured debts such as:

Credit Cards

Personal loans

Medical Bills

Collections & Repossessions

Business Debts

Certain Secured Debts*

Student Loans*

IRS Debt, Back Taxes, and Some state taxes*

*They can help with these things in certain cases. Get this special phone number to get directly to a human and see if yours is one of them.

Debts not serviced by Curadebt


Auto Loans

Government Loans (other than some student loans)

Mortgage or Home Loans

Other secured debts

*They can help with some lawsuits depending upon your case. Please check to see if yours is one of them

Yes Curadebt helps with taxes!

The one thing I really really liked about Curadebt is that they can also help consumers with tax debt. Most debt relief companies steer clear of uncle sam. Curadebt has tax professionals that can assist you in a few ways.

  1. Offer in compromise-Just what it sounds it like an offer in compromise. This is basically a debt settlement where the IRS agrees to accept less than what you owe. This is tough to get so it is probably best to have a professional (either curadebt or an attorney if you can afford one) do this for you.
  2. Help you set up installment agreements (although you can do this yourself) your curadebt counselor will set up an installment agreement with the IRS or State agency so you can make affordably payments until your tax debt is repaid.
  3. Penalty abatement-This is where the IRS agrees to reverse or ‘abate’ penalties that have been tacked on to your debt in exchange for payment in full. This is also available on an installment agreement.
  4. Currently non-collectible-This is where if a tax payer can prove extreme economic or personal hardship the IRS agrees to lay off on the collections proceedings
  5. Collection Statute Expiration Date-This is the government’s statue of limitations which are basically a set of laws stating how long the government has to try to collect the debt. Most of the time its 10 years. After that they legally can’t go after you for the debt anymore even if you do owe it!
  6. Tax Lien Subordination-This is where the government will put a lien on your property or some other asset to recover the money owed.
  7. Custom Solutions-There may be custom solutions depending upon your individual situation.  For custom solutions you can call 866-442-2390 to get a Free Tax Debt Relief Consultation from CuraDebt for $10,000 or more of tax debt. They are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm Eastern Standard Time 

How does debt settlement work?

The debt settlement process is relatively simple. With Curadebt the debtor (you) will have to deposit a certain amount that you and the company agree to in a special account. Once your balance reaches a certain level they will begin contacting your creditors and offer a lump sum settlement.

The reason most creditors accept is because they would rather get a portion of their money back instead of taking a charge off.  The process usually takes anywhere from 24-48 months.

During that time they are supposed to help you send cease and desist letters to the debt collectors so they stop harassing you.

Can’t I do that myself? 

Yes you can. The difference is hopefully you’ll only have to do this once in your life where as your creditors do this on a daily basis. Who do you think has the advantage?

With a debt settlement company that specializes in this sort of thing you’re likely to get a more favorable result. i.e. more debt forgiven!



Pros & Cons

What I like most about Curadebt

Curadebt is Top Rated
4.8/5 Stars Customerlobby: 5/5 Consumer Affairs: 4.8/5 Best Debt Companys: 9/7/10
The tax team has over 100 years combined experience
The curadebt tax team has over 100 years combined experience with over 83 of it previously working at the IRS or other taxing authorities.
Curadebt is a member of the AFCC
Curadebt is a member in good standing of the American Fair Credit Counsel
Curadebt Donated to SCORE
SCORE is a nonprofit organization that works to help entrepreneurs succeed and create American jobs

Curadebt is a solid company dedicated to helping consumers and small businesses get out of the crushing burden of debt.

What I don’t like about Curadebt

Not Available in Every State
Curadebt is currently available in the following states
$250 per month minimum payment
Not everyone can afford $250 a month. I wish they were more flexible on the $250 per month minimum

Special deal for you

Use this link to avoid paying any consultation fee.

Ben Jilani Author

I am a husband, a father, a failed vegan and company reviewer at your service!


    King Tut

    (January 6, 2018 - 3:58 am)





    Length of Time




    Overall Satisfaction


    I actually used these people too. They were okay. They took forever almost two years to get my credit cards to accept the settlement though! In the end I ended up paying about 60% of what I owed so that’s better than nothing. Still I’m not sure I’d recommend them to anyone. The people were nice though.


    (January 6, 2018 - 4:00 am)

    I’m thinking about going with them but I am wondering. I heard they charge an account maintenance fee every month. Is that true? National Debt Relief doesn’t charge that so if they do I’m going with national.

      Ben Jilani

      (January 6, 2018 - 5:14 am)

      Hi Marvin, to my knowledge they don’t charge such a fee. That’s not so say that hasn’t changed. The best way to find out if they still charge a fee is call them at 866-442-2390 and get the info from the horses’ mouth. By the way national debt relief is great choice as well. Their number is 855-224-0820.

      Ben Jilani

      (January 6, 2018 - 5:15 am)

      Hi Marvin, to my knowledge they don’t charge such a fee. That’s not so say that hasn’t changed. The best way to find out if they still charge a fee is call them at 866-442-2390 and get the info from the horses’ mouth. By the way national debt relief is great choice as well. Their number is 855-224-0820.

    Sara H

    (January 6, 2018 - 4:06 am)





    Length of Time




    Overall Satisfaction


    I used them and I’m happy. I owed 40k in credit card debt and didn’t want to file bankruptcy because I would lose my second house which I use as a rental. I decided to settle. I was going to do it myself but I figured a company could do better than me and since they are paid based on what they can get knocked off I figured what the hell. First they opened up a savings account and I deposited $300 a month into it. They helped me to send a cease and desist letter to get my creditors to stop calling me. Thank God! Then after a year and two months they told me they were willing to settle for 28k. I accepted and couldn’t be happier! It did hurt my credit bad though. I will be looking into credit repair in the next few months.


    (January 9, 2018 - 2:04 am)

    Hi its me again! When I called it said I needed a minimum $250 payment to put into the account. Does that mean if I stop paying minimum payments on my debts will I be able to pay $250 into the account or just as of right now do I have to be able to cough up $250 a month?

      Ben Jilani

      (January 9, 2018 - 2:57 am)

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Jovane! I wish they would make it more clear in their automated machine but yes it’s $250 after you stop making minimum payments. Also the reason they ask for that much is so you can have a large enough sum that they can work with to negotiate the best deal with you.

    Sebastian Hurtado

    (April 14, 2018 - 8:00 am)





    Length of Time




    Overall Satisfaction


    I dealt with Mario Palacio there a while back and he truly put me at ease with the way he explained everything to me. He was very helpful and patient with any questions I had. I would recommend him and curadebt to help you or anyone you might know out of the financial hole that a lot of us get ourselves into.

    Margaret Toupin

    (April 14, 2018 - 8:03 am)





    Length of Time




    Overall Satisfaction


    I have had a very positive experience with Curadebt. Mr. James Freeman has been my debt counselor and is very knowledgeable and honest regarding the help Curadebt can provide. He has really gone above and beyond to help me, staying in touch throughout the process but not being pushy and overwhelming. I’ve also appreciated the legal help provided with this company. Again, they stay in contact and make sure I’m not being hassled by the debtors. If you are able to request a specific counselor, I highly recommend Mr Freeman.

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