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My National Debt Relief Review: Here’s what I really think!

National Debt Relief review: National Debt Relief is a debt relief company that helps consumers and small businesses with their debt troubles. They mainly do this via  debt settlement.  The company is well known and has been around for over twenty years.

It’s worth noting that they are supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project, St Jude Childrens Hospital, Autism Speaks, Network For Good (The Animal Medical Center), and Unicef.

My story

My name is Ben Jilani. I am a world traveler, a loyal and loving partner, and most of all a debt dumper. Before I always thought only bad irresponsible people got into debt problems.

“Why don’t they just pay their bills?”

“Maybe if they put down the bottle they wouldn’t have those problems!”.

Yes I am ashamed to admit those were my thoughts.

Then it happened to me. You see I too have been in the clutches of extreme debt to the tune of over $30,000 in credit card debt. Not from gambling and not from frivolous spending either.

I had an incident which landed me in the hospital emergency room and since my insurance from my new job hadn’t kicked in yet I ended up in huge debt.

Being a man of my word I wanted to work with my creditors to pay it back and most of them were understanding except for Bank of America.

They refused to work with me, their customer service representatives were rude to the point of being downright hostile, and by the time I sought help they were charging me $250 a month just in interest and fees! 

Knowing I would never get our of the jaws of debt I decided to get help. Not wanting to file bankruptcy, which I considered to be an admission of defeat, I looked into many different options.

The first was a debt consolidation loan. On the surface it seemed like a great idea. Consolidate all your debts into one single payment.

I soon found out that there was a little problem with that. With my credit already being shot the interest rates I was being offered were outrageous!

Upwards of 39.99% APR and on top of that I couldn’t find a company willing to lend me enough to cover my entire debt!  I’m not saying a consolidation loan can’t be a good option but in my case it certainly wasn’t.

Then I looked into debt settlement where my creditors would actually forgive a portion of my debts and I would just make a single payment to the company which would distribute the funds to my creditors.  Ultimately I chose National Debt Relief and this is my experience.

My experience with National Debt Relief

Call 855-224-0820

After calling a couple of other companies I just wasn’t so sure because they seemed a little shady and just too eager to sell me something. Then I called NDR at 855-224-0820 and spoke with Jason.

Expecting a hard sales pitch I was ready. I wasn’t ready for what I really got though.

First I really liked his caring  nonjudgmental tone. It really felt like he cared about my issues.

I told him how much debt there was. To be honest I was so embarrassed at first but we had such a good rapport that went away. He told me he’s had clients in much worse shape than I.

Check to see if they still offer a free consultation

After entering in my data he told me I would definitely be a good candidate for debt settlement (no surprises there) and to let them do all of the work.

Once they got all of the information they needed they told me I had to make payments to an account set up in my name. After some months they would negotiate with my creditors to accept a lump sum saying they often accept settlements instead of risking losing all of their money.

Jason explained that the process would take 24-48 months and my fee would be 20% of my total debt but would not charged until after the process was complete.

I paid into the fund and after 6 months I got a call that Citibank (one of my creditors) agreed to settle. Two months later another creditor settled and finally after a year BofA gave in and agreed to settle. Much to my pleasant surprise my creditors agreed to call it even for $18,000.

That means after paying $3500 that NDR charged I ended up saving $8,500. I think Bank of America was willing to deal because they were under the TARP program at that time.

That being said my credit score took a hit and got knocked  down 40 points but at that point my credit was already shot so I didn’t care much.

Overall National Debt Relief was a good experience for me! I would never guarantee specific results for anyone else as everyone’s situation is unique.

National Debt Relief Vs. Competitors

National debt relief does have competitors so I should talk about them. Their closest competitor that comes to mind is Curadebt.  They actually charge about the same and they also have a good reputation.

The reason I didn’t go with them is because they didn’t have a license to operate in my state at that time. The big advantage they over over National Debt Relief is they can help with tax debt.  Therefore if you have tax debt I recommend that you go with curadebt instead.

Read my review of Curadebt 

How I repaired my credit afterwards

After I finished the debt settlement process, and yes it was a process! Sheesh! I immediately start working to repair my credit as it took a hit of about 100 points! Yikes!


My overall National Debt Relief review


Ben Jilani Author

I am a husband, a father, a failed vegan and company reviewer at your service!



    (January 9, 2018 - 2:02 am)

    Thanks for this review! I’ve got a question though. The rate that they charge? What are the factors that go into that? Thank you in advance for your response!

    Henry Janaway

    (January 9, 2018 - 4:51 am)

    Hi there. This is good information! I am thinking of doing this but how long until your credit came back? Was it really screwed up? How were you able to repair it?

      Ben Jilani

      (January 9, 2018 - 4:52 am)

      First I got a visa with a $500 limit and make regular payments with that. Then I signed up for credit repair. They fixed my credit and make it go up 180 points. In the end I actually ended up better off, credit wise, than I started!

      Thanks for the question Mr. Janaway!

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