My Promise to You

About me

I just wanted to take this time to introduce myself my name is Ben Jiliani and I am the webmaster of this domain! muahaha! Just kidding!

First let me tell you a little about myself. Besides being the master of terrible jokes I am a husband to the most beautiful wife in the world who said she would kill me if I mentioned her name or showed her face on here.



And a father to a my baby girl Sandra


This is my favorite picture of us by the way!

How I get paid

Now with that out way it’s time to talk about how I get paid. Yes I receive a commission from some of the vendors that I review just as nerd wallet and all the other independent review sits do. That being said it doesn’t influence my reviews.

My commitment is to provide high quality truthful reviews to assist you in making informed buying decisions. To tell you the truth is one of the highest commission paying vendors I work with, however, in my review of them I revealed that they have an F BBB rating. From what I saw on google I am the only reviewer to do this.

Why did I shoot myself in the foot like that? Because I am a long term thinker and my thoughts are that if I can build a relationship of trust with my readers (you) they will trust me when making future buying decisions.

If I tell you product is great when it really sucks how likely is it that you will take my word for it the next time I recommend something? Not likely!

My promise

So this is my promise to you, the reader. I promise to deliver truthful and objective reviews to you and never knowingly withhold vital information just to make a sale. Because I am a spiritual person I know the universe will take care of me and my family’s financial needs so long as I do the right thing.

I look forward to serving you for a long time to come!


Be blessed,

Bin Jilani