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Are you an internet entrepreneur that is struggling to get sales like I was? Then you may have heard of WP Zero Bounce. It is a WordPress plugin that promises to save your bounces by redirecting them to your sales page. The site is full of raving reviews that are most likely fake. I’m sure you’ve googled WP Zero Bounce Reviews and read reviews from people swearing this is the best thing since sliced bread. Sorry to tell you but most of those are affiliates who just want your commission. If it really did what it said it did then why don’t they use it to redirect users to the WP Zero Bounce sales page?

I made the mistake of buying based on their supposed 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. Of course, it didn’t work and when I tried to return it they declined to refund my money and since it was a digital good PayPal wouldn’t refund me.

Well, at first they did but then they took the refund back. It was a long and arduous process. When I tried to tell the truth on Warrior Forum they deleted my post.

The interesting thing is I would’ve been content to just complain on Warrior Forum but since they tried to censor me I will make sure everyone knows what a scam this plugin is everywhere else.

Bottom line: It didn’t increase sales

This plugin won’t increase your sales. It’ll just piss off what few users you have and tank your google rankings. If you chose to buy this plugin after reading this review then you can’t say you haven’t been warned…

Keeping it real…

Let me just be real with you guys. I know it’s hard when you’re first starting out in your online business. If anything my time in this industry has taught me it’s that it takes work and integrity. There are no shortcuts to success. No matter what charlatans, like this plugin maker, try and sell you.  If you want to be successful you need to do the work, period. If you’re not willing to do the work and take the risk to make your online business successful then go ahead and buy shortcuts like this POS plugin and see how far it gets you.


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