The Truth About CPA Marketing (No Affiliate Links)

CPA= Cost Per Action. A typical CPA offer is Pay Per Lead which means you’ll get a commission every time someone gives their name and email address.

Typical offers for CPA=Offers where most people are reluctant to pay up right away. Typical examples include (but not limited to): debt assistance programs, dating sites, diet pills etc

Payments=Range from $0.30 to $100 per lead. In my experience, debt assistance (especially tax debt) programs pay the highest

What the CPA gurus don’t tell you:

1. Expect not to be paid for all of the leads you generate. I’ve heard Max Bounty shaves up to 20% of leads in many casesĀ 
2. While it seems easy–just get someone to type their name and email–it’s not. Let’s give an example of dating sites. They typically pay around $2 per lead which means you’ll need A LOT of traffic to make it worth your time. Financial companies pay more, a lot more, but people are usually reluctant to give their details to these companies as they’re perceived to be scams (most of them are).

Why I do like CPA:

I do CPA as part of my overall strategy. In my less than optimal keyword articles (non-buyer intent keywords such as ‘free advice to deal with ankle pain’ that don’t have buyer intent) I’ll throw in a CPA offer as I get more money with them than with AdSense.

Also, I get a thrill from refreshing my commission page and watching the number tick up every 30 minutes. It’s instant gratification.

The future of CPA:

I’m honestly seeing a lot of companies moving away from the CPA model as there’s so much fraud with affiliates sending fake leads. Adult Friend Finder, for example, got rid of their CPA tier due to the number of fraudulent leads. Also, it’s just more cost effective for merchants to pay for actual sales than just an email address and a name. That being said there will always be a need for CPA in the finance niche but that’s an expensive niche to run ads on and a really difficult one to break into.

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